Did you know you need to get your home ready for the summer weather just like you do to prepare for coldWeekly Tips weather?  Here are some of the things you can do to save on your cooling bills and make your home more energy efficient.

Windows and Doors:

Inspect your screens and make sure they are in good shape for days when you want your windows open.  Clean and lubricate the tracts the windows slide in, I recommend using a silicone spray lubricant instead of a petroleum based spray.  The petroleum based ones will turn black and greasy before long.  Inspect the weather stripping as well. Check the condition of your screen door if you have them.  Lubricate your door hinges with the same silicone spray.

Air Conditioning:

Have your A/C system checked and make sure it is ready to go when you want to turn it on. Make sure you are changing your filters every month as well.  If you have window units make sure that the units are in good shape and clean before installing them. Clean the coils and look at the cooling fins on the back to make sure they are not dented.


Now that it is warm again and we are moving outside it is the perfect time to check all of your vents on theDryer Vent outside of your home.  Clean away excess lint from the dryer vent opening (check your vent hose on the inside too!).  If your water heater vents to PVC pipe and not up a chimney check the opening outside to make sure it is clear, squirrels have been known to try to use them as storage.


If you have not already used your grill you will be soon, inspect it to make sure it came through the winter okay.  Clean the grates in hot soapy water with dawn dish liquid, inspect you hoses for cracking and dry rotting.

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