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Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week.  This week I am going to talk about how to remove wallWeekly Tips paper.  Many have been the time I have received a call from a customer wanting to get rid of some old outdated wallpaper and them have the walls painted.


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Welcome to yeah, we do that’s tip of the week. This week I’m going to revisit repairing drywall dents, dingsWeekly Tips and holes since this is one of the most common things I get called out to repair. A lot of repairs can be done yourself saving you time and money with just a little know-how. I’m going to share my tips, tricks and products I use in this article.


To repair minor dents in drywall I have two products I like to use and both are made by DAP.  The first product is called Fast ‘N Final, this is a very lightweight spackling compound.  You apply this product with a stiff putty knife and with a little care you can get it smooth enough that you won’t have to go back and sand.  It is generally ready for paint in about 20 minutes.

The next product I like is called DryDex.  This product is not a light weight spackle like Fast N’ Final so you will need to sand but what I like about it is it goes on pink and when it’s dry and ready to sand and paint it will turn white.


There are several methods of repairing a hole in drywall. There are mesh patches that can be put over the hole that you then cover with drywall mud.  I do not care for these as there is no structural support and if someone were to lean on the wall where the patch is or try to hand a picture there it will tend to break.  The method I prefer is a little more work but will give you a solid wall again when done.

To make a solid repair in drywall you may need to make the hole a little bigger. What I like to do is to cut out a square piece of drywall larger than the hole and then traced the square onto the wall where the patches needed. Take a drywall saw and cut out along the traced lines and now you will have a hole in the patch that are the same size. Take some drywall screws and start them in the wall slightly above and below the hole you have cut. Make sure that your patch is large enough that you can angle a cut piece of one by three board into the hole, cut your piece of wood slightly longer than the patch and angle it into the hole then slide it up so that it is going above the top and bottom of the hole. Now with one hand you will need to continue to pull on the piece of wood hard enough to hold it in place behind the whole and with your other hand with either a screwdriver or drill with a screwdriver bit drive the screws into the wood being careful not to have your finger on the board were the screws will come through. Once the board is secured in place you can now take your patch placing it in the hole and using drywall screws attach it to the board giving you a solid repair.

Next you will use a low dust drywall compound and put a thin layer of drywall mud around the seams of the patch and then apply paper drywall tape and press it into the drywall mud with a drywall knife in a nice smooth motion. Once your drywall tape is set into the mud you may then add additional mud to cover the patch. Once dry sand and smooth and apply a second coat of drywall mud if necessary.

This may take a little practice to learn how much mud to put on and how far to feather it out so that you don’t see a bump out where the patch is but when the repair is complete you should not be able to tell there was a hole in the wall and you will have a solid patch strong enough to hang a picture on if needed.

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