Decorating Safely for the Holidays

Welcome to Yeah We Do That’s tip of the week. Since it is now the time when people start decorating for Weekly TipsChristmas I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about safety tips and things to remember when it comes to your holiday decorations.




While putting up your holiday decorations you need to be aware of a few things if you are plugging in a lot of lights, trains or other electrical devices.


    when reusing decorative lighting and other decorations that run on electricity be sure to check the cords before plugging them in. Make sure there are no severe kinks in the wire, frayed wires or loose plugs all of these issues can lead to overheating or shorting of the device. If you are not sure about an item it is better not to use it until you can have it looked at or replaced.


    As you are plugging your holiday decorations into your outlets make sure the plug fits securely and is not lease. If the plug easily wiggles you may need to have the outlet replace. This is a very easy and inexpensive item to have done and will make sure that your plug has good contact in the outlet.


    if you run into the problem of breakers tripping or fuses blowing when you turn on all of your holiday decorations you may not have enough available power on the circuit. It’s never wise to overload a circuit in the solution may be that you need to have an extra circuit for circuits run to handle the additional load.


    if you find you are needing to use multi strips or other devices so that you can plug many items into one outlet you may need to have additional outlets and/or circuits run. While this is less common on the inside sometimes it is necessary. Adding outlets on the outside can not only save you from having to set up multi strips and running extension cords so that you can plug everything in to the existing outdoor outlets. If you do use extension cords or devices to allow you to plug multiple items into an outlet please make sure that they are UL listed as well as rated for outdoor use and that your outdoor outlets are GFCI protected.




While hanging your decorations you want to make sure you keep safety in mind. If you’re not comfortable on ladders or working in high places you may consider calling someone to hang your decorations for you. There are several companies specialize in this and will come out and do this for you.


    When hanging lights on gutters especially aluminum gutters you want to make sure that your wiring is in good condition, frayed, cracked or damaged wiring can short out onto your gutters. You also want to inspect your gutters to make sure that they are in good shape, do not hang anything on gutters which are loose or damaged. There are special clips designed to allow you to hang lights and decorations from your gutters do not drill holes into your gutters.


    When hanging lights are decorations around her on Windows and doors I recommend using products like the 3M Command Strips. These are strips which have a double-sided adhesive tape that adhere to the window or the door and a clip that attaches to it. When you’re done you just hold the clip and pull the bottom tab of the tape and it disengages without marking the door or window or damaging the paint. This also prevents you from having to mail anything into the frame or the door.

  • CORDS-

    Inevitably if you have a lot of outside decorations that are plugged in you will have cords running to your outlets. Take precautions to make sure they are not trip hazards, not driven to and in good condition. Keep in mind people such as mailman and delivery men who may have to walk through your yard.

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