Do You Have A Backup Sump Pump?

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week. This week I am going to continue the topic of water in Weekly Tipsyour basement and talk battery backup sump pumps.  If you have a sump pump in your basement and do not have a battery backup pump you may want to consider getting one.

The system I like is a combo pump from Basement Watchdog and you can read more about it at the manufacture’s site.

There are two main types of calls I get and the right battery backup sump pump system will handle them both.  The first is when the main pump fails, this always seems to be during or right after a heavy storm when the demand on the pump is high.  If the primary pump fails there is a secondary pump attached to the main pump that takes over until the primary pump can be repaired or replaced.  If the primary pump fails an alarm will sound to let you know of the issue.  The next type of call I get is after a power failure during a storm and it stays out, of course without the sump pump running the basement will start to flood.  This system when paired with a heavy duty marine battery can run for up to about a week without power.

There is a small monitor that attaches to the battery box with an LED panel that will sound an alarm and light up to let you know what has gone wrong.  It will inform you when if the primary pump has failed, the power has gone out, the battery needs water added and more.

If you do not have a battery backup system for your sump pump and cannot get one or do not want one  I suggest at least getting an alarm that will sound if the floor around the pump becomes wet, these are also nice to place around your water heaters to. The drawback to these alarms are; if the power fails they will not sound and if the pump fails and there is no backup pump, once the water starts coming up a lot of water can overflow by the time you can get a new pump and replace the broken one. You would be surprised how quickly your entire floor can flood. Food for thought, stay dry during this next round of storms!

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