Does Your Bathroom Have An Exhaust Fan?

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week. This week I am going to talk about an easy way to help Weekly Tipsreduce the humidity and mold in your bathroom.

As I am sure you know while taking a shower you greatly increase the humidity in the bathroom which can be spread throughout the entire house encouraging mold growth.  All mold needs to grow is 60% or greater humidity and a surface to grow on. Keeping the humidity level down is essential, especially in the summer months when the humidity levels are already high.  The best way of removing excess humidity is through proper ventilation and use of your bathroom exhaust fan.  If you have an older home that does that does not have a fan you may want to consider having one installed.  You may also consider upgrading your existing fan as well.  There are many options on some of the new fans including lighting that can be controlled separately from the fan and heating units to give you some extra warmth when you step out of the shower on a cold day.

The biggest complaint I hear about the fans from customers is I know I should use it but when I turn it on to get the humidity out of the room I forget to come back and turn it off and leave it running all day.  A great solution for this is a bath fan timer switch, Lutron makes a nice one that you can set it to run for 5 minute increments up to 30 as well as just having it on until you turn it off.  After you take your shower just turn it on and set it to 30 minute close the door and forget about it.  Again, keeping the humidity down you will see fewer molds, peeling paint and all the other issues associated with high humidity in your bathroom.


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