Epoxy Paint Is A Great Way To Protect Your Garage or Basement Floor!

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week. This week I was asked by a customer how to seal or Weekly Tipsprotect a garage floor.  In the process of talking with him I mentioned that he could protect it and make it look fantastic at the same time by using epoxy garage floor paint.  I am going to cover the complete process from start to finish for you.  This process will also work in your basement as well.  The picture I used on the full blog page is a basement I finished and used this treatment on the floor.


Remove all items from your garage or basement and examine the floor for any cracks or chips you may want to fill.  This is not required but will give you a much nicer look when you are done.  If you want to fix any issues I like to use Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer.   Once this is done and allowed to cure per manufacturer’s instructions you are now ready to prepare the floor for the epoxy.  I like to use Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating.  This is a kit that has everything you need in it and saves you from buying multiple items (cleaners, etchers and epoxy paint). If you are using this product take out the Bond Lock concentrate and mix with one gallon of water.  The Bond Lock combines a cleaner, degreaser and an acid etcher all in one.  Wearing rubber gloves and eye protection mix with the water then apply over the concrete floor working in and scrubbing with a stiff floor brush, then rinse off the floor with a hose.  Once the floor is completely dry you will be ready to apply the paint.


You are now ready to apply the epoxy paint.  In most hardware stores you can find this in Gray or Tan color.  This product comes in 60 custom colors but these are currently only available at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers.  To mix the paint pour the can marked PART B into the can marked Part A and mix completely.  Now you have to leave the can to “Sweat” for 30 minutes this will start the chemical reaction for the epoxy to set up.  Once you have sweated the can start by using a brush to cut in all the edges then using a 3/8 nap roller I like to apply the paint in three foot by eight foot sections.  After each section is completed add the color flakes (if desired) by shaking then onto the wet paint.  Repeat until the floor is painted.

One of the things I like about this product is that it will not blister nor come off when you park a car with hot tires on it.  It also will seal out any oil spills and make for easy clean up.



Your floor is complete and ready to use at this point.  If you desire a high gloss “Car Showroom” finish on your floor you can apply the Quikrete Premium Clear Epoxy Coating.  This is mixed and applied the same way as the paint was applied with the exception that you are not adding color flakes.

I am not a spokesman for Quikrete and I try not to mention specific brand names when possible but this is the best product I have found for this application and is what I use when my customers hire me to do this.

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