Got A Wet Basement?

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip  of the week.  Since we are heading into spring we can expect the usual Weekly TipsOhio wet weather so I am going to re-visit a few of the water related issues that are common problems so you can be prepared for the typical spring rains.  This week I am going to cover wet basements.

Wet Basement:

Assuming there are no obvious issue like cracks in your floor or foundation walls there are three main areas to look at for controlling water incursion in your basements. The three G’s of wet basements are gutters, grading and groundwater; let’s take a minute to look at each of these.

• Gutters – Are your gutters loose? Over the winter you can have ice dams build up on your gutters, not only can the weight cause your gutters to become loose and pull away but when water freezes it expands and can push your gutters away from the fascia boards. Gaps between the gutters and fascia boards can allow water to run down the side of the house to your foundation wall. Clogged gutters can do the same thing pouring water down onto your foundation wall. Gutter maintenance is an important part of the care of your home. Leaf debris, walnuts and children’s toys are the main things I finding clogging local gutters. Other gutter issues can be caused by an insufficient number of downspouts or downspouts that are too small.

• Grading – Make sure that the ground around the foundation of your home slopes away from your house for at least 10 feet. Over time the ground can settle around your house causing the water to want to run towards your home. If you notice this you can correct this issue by adding dirt or landscaping around your foundation. Flower beds are a great solution; you can raise the grade and improve the look of the exterior of your home. Do not to overwater as you can inadvertently create a water issue in your basement by overwatering too close to your home.

• Ground Water – Sub-surface ground water can be a problem. If you have an older home with no sump pump you can have hydrostatic pressure build up and force water into you basement. After you have eliminated the gutters and grading you may need to look into a drainage system to handle the water. There are different types of drainage systems some are installed on the outside by digging along the foundation and installing a drainage system there and some are done on the inside cutting channels along the foundation and routing water to a sump pump. To determine the best solution you should have your yard and basement inspected.

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