How To Remove A Broken Light Bulb Base

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week. This week I’m going to cover a common issue I receive calls on. I’mWeekly Tips going to talk about how to safely remove a light bulb base when the glass breaks. This can be done fairly easily and safely without the need of calling a handyman to perform the work.

There are several methods you can use to remove the base but before I cover these I want to go over some safety issues that you should do before using any of the methods like to discuss here.

1)      Make sure the power to the light is turned off him. If you are not sure if the power is off or not kill the main breaker to the whole house.

2)      Lay down a drop cloth to catch any pieces of falling glass so they do not become a hazard to you later.

3)      Make sure you wear eye protection and leather or rubber gloves for added safety.


Cut Potato

While this method works some of the time it is not my favorite method. If you wish to try this method cut a large potato in half and while holding the base push it up into the light socket while turning counterclockwise. Be careful not to push so hard as to break or damage the light socket. If the potato can grip the base it will turn it.


Plastic Water Bottle

Surprisingly if the bulb that is broken is a standard base bulb some plastic bottles will screw into the inside of the broken base and allow you to remove it that way. I have tried this with limited success but it has worked on occasion, so again if you do not have a potato or pliers suggested in my next method this may be an option.


Screwdriver and Pliers

This is my favorite method and has always worked. You’ll need a flathead screwdriver and a pair of bent nose pliers, these are needle nose pliers with the end bent down. Take the flathead screwdriver and carefully inserted between the broken base and the socket and bend the base out slightly. Now taking the bent nose pliers grabbed the base where it is bent and carefully turn it counterclockwise. You should be able to turn broken base out of the socket without much difficulty.


Again, please make sure that the power is off and you are wearing your personal protection equipment.


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