What Improvements Get The Most Money Back When I Go To Sell My House?

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week.  This week I am going to talk about a question that I talk Weekly Tipsabout all the time with my customers when considering a remodel. We will discuss what the return on your investment will be if you decide to sell your house.

Below is a list I was able to find that shows many different types of home improvements and what the expected return on resale is.  Remember this list is an average; you should work with your contractor and real estate agent to guide you on getting the most out of your remodeling dollar if your goal is to maximize resale return .

Interior Paint                     70% to 300%

Exterior Paint                     70% to 300%

New Flooring                     50% to 300%

Kitchen Remodel               75%

Bathroom Remodel           75%

Bathroom Addition           75% TO 100%

Addition to Home             40% to 60%

Finished Basement           55%

Landscaping                      50%

Inground Sprinklers           50%

Patio or Deck                     50%

New Windows                   30%

New Siding                        65%

New Heating                     45%

Central Air                         50%

Built-in Dishwasher          75%

Fireplace                            65%

Central Vac System           60%

Water Softener                  35%

Swimming Pool                 (25) to 50%

Garage                               75% to 100%

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