What Lanscape Lighting is the Right Choice to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home?

Welcome to Yeah, We Do That’s tip of the week..  This time I am going to talk about a way to improve the Weekly Tipslook of the exterior of your home, improve security and show off your home and landscaping using landscape lighting.  There are three types of landscape lighting and I’ll talk about each of them and their Pros and Cons.


Solar lighting is the easiest to install and maintain.  These lights generally require little to no assembly and just have to be placed where you want them, they also do not require any wiring.  They will charge during the day and turn on at dusk.  This type of lighting is decorative lighting and good for marking the path along driveways and sidewalks.  They generally do not give off enough light to light up anything enough to be able to see it.  Think of this type of lighting like runway marker lights, you can’t see the outline of the runway but not the runway itself.  Also they will not work as well if the day has been cloudy; they are place in a shady area or in the winter when the days are very short.

Pros:  Easiest to install, no wiring needed.
Cons:  Decorative lighting only, doesn’t work well after cloudy days.


The Low Volt light is the most common type of landscape lighting.  This type requires you to connect a transformer box up to your hose current, most of the time you just plug the box into an outlet.  The boxes usually have a timer on them so you can program when your lights come on and go off. The box takes your 120V AC house current and steps it down to 12V DC.  You connect the low volt wire to the box and lay it out where you want your lights.  The lights will connect to the wire with a clip that bites into the wire and make the connection.  Once you have connected and tested your lights you burry the wire just under the surface. This lighting is powerful enough to light up trees, sidewalks or the outside of your house.  You are limited by the amount of watts your transformer is rated at.  You can have as many lights as you want as long as the total wattage of all your lights does not exceed the wattage rating on the transformer.  For example, if I have an 80 watt transformer I could hook up two 10 watt spot lights to shine on my house and fifteen 4 watt lights to light up sidewalks and flower beds and be right at 80 watts.

Pros:  Fairly easy to install, can light up side of house, trees landscaping, sidewalks and driveways. It runs on a timer to control when lights turn on and off.
Cons:  Number of lights limited by size of transformer.


Line volt lighting is like low volt but there is no transformer used and the power is not stepped down and stays at 120V.  This type of lighting is not used very much and it should be installed by someone qualified.  This will require wiring the lights into your house electrical system, the cables should be in conduit and buried deep enough so that you won’t cut them when edging or planting flowers etc.    Before digging or trenching to lay your cable make sure you call 411 and have the utility company come out and mark your property for your electric, gas, phone, cable and water lines, you don’t want to cut these either J.

Pros:  Unlimited number of lights, can light up side of house, trees landscaping, sidewalks and driveways.  It can be set on timer or photo electric cell for dusk to dawn use.
Cons:  Not easy to install, should be done be qualified person, most expensive system.

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